7 Hard Truths About Southern Names and How to Face Them

Many people think that there are not enough Southern names for everyone to have an appropriate one. They also believe that those who do have a Southern name are privileged and don’t know the struggle of having a weird name. However, this is simply not true! In fact, many Southerners with unique names experience hardships in their lives because of them. This blog post discusses 7 hard truths about Southern names and how to face them so you can move on from the struggles your name has caused you in the past.

People with cool names don’t have to work at it

Names are a reflection of your family’s history and aspirations for you.

Sometimes, people get bored with their own name or want a change.

A long time ago, girls were usually given the same as one of their parents’ surnames and boys got theirs plus an “s”. This practice eventually stopped happening because some women wanted to keep their maiden name when they married (but not all). These days, both men and women can use any surname that they choose!

The most popular Southern last names: Smith, Johnson, Williams, Browning/Browne/Brower.

The least popular Southern last names: Cooperwood; McDaniel; Matlock I’m a Southerner with an unusual name and I have to admit, it’s pretty great. It has been the source of some awkwardness in my life but here are seven truths about Southern names that make up for all of those moments: People with cool names don’t have to work at it. They’re born with their funky signature sound just like they were handed out as prizes on game show day or something! But you know what? A lot of them did actually do something because there is no such thing as “expecting” anything when your last name happens to be Redford. (But then again, I guess that would be expected.) Let’s play fair though some