sagittarius aries

by editor k

This Sagittarius Aries is a very interesting star that is a bit of a mystery. I mean, it is a “sagittarius” so there is a bit of a twist on it but it isn’t a star in the traditional sense. It is a triple star, which is the combination of two stars. Sagittarius Aries, in the traditional sense, is a constellation that is located in the south of the Milky Way.

It’s not an actual constellation, but its a triple star system that is part of the constellation Sagittarius. In the sky this constellation looks like a little greenish brown ball. It’s about the size of the constellation Cygnus and is located in between the Triangulum and Sagittarius constellation. The reason for the triple star system is because it contains the two brightest stars in the constellation.

It is one of those things that makes you think you’ve seen something before, but this is no real thing. This is just the name of a constellation that I had to come up with in a Google search to figure out what it was. But here’s the thing, the name of this constellation actually comes from the Greek word for “star.” Sagittarius is an asterism that contains three stars.

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