7 Unforgivable Orc Tribe Names Mistakes Everyone Makes

by Radhe

Orcs have always been a mysterious and misunderstood race. They are often found in the shadow of their more popular cousins, elves and dwarves. But orcs are uniquely different from these two races: they prefer to live among humans; they value strength over beauty; they do not believe that love is necessary for happiness or procreation; and yes, some orcs do wear shoes!

In this blog post we will explore 7 common mistakes when choosing orc tribe names – mistakes that you can avoid with just a little knowledge about how to respectfully portray these fascinating creatures.

In Tolkien’s work, orcs are often referred to as “goblins.” But the term is outdated and inaccurate. Goblins have long since been found out in literature and film for their mischievousness or mindless violence – not qualities attributed to most modern interpretations of orcs! So make sure you do your research before choosing this word as an option for orc tribe names.

Remember that there can be no such thing as a female Orc; they reproduce through parthenogenesis, which means reproduction from an egg cell without fertilization by a male spermatozoa. And so when it comes time to choose orc tribe names with females included remember that these should only include males!

When designing your orcs, make sure you choose a skin color that is to your liking. But do not forget! You can’t have white or black skin on an orc because these are colors reserved for elves and dwarves in Tolkien lore. This last mistake might seem obvious but it happens more often than we like to admit; don’t name any of your Orc Tribe names after other famous characters from movies, books or video games. It would be confusing if they were named Gandalf the Great when all their brothers had names such as Boromir, Lurtz, Grishnakh and Radbug. Make sure you keep them unique so there isn’t confusion about who’s who while designing battle strategies or playing cards with them

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