7 Reasons You Can Blame the Recession on Maori Names

by Radhe

The recession has been in effect for almost 10 years, and people are still trying to figure out what caused it. Many people have their own theories on why the global economic crisis happened, but one of the most compelling explanations is that Maori names are at fault. In this post we will talk about 7 reasons you can blame the recession on Maori names.

Reason 01: The word maori can translate to “commoner” and that is exactly what these names are. They’re common, so they just spread like wildfire. And because of this constant use, people got really sick of them quickly which caused the recession in 2008 when everyone’s credit was maxed out from buying Maori-named products such as milk and bananas

Reason 02: In order for something not to be used anymore then it has to stop being produced or consumed. This is why production went down during the recession; there were too many people with Maori names who wanted things made by other people named Maori – but there weren’t enough producers available! There should have been more on offer than just a milk and banana combo. Reason 03: You can’t take your credit card out on the town, so instead stores were forced to only sell things that people could pay for in cash or with money order. It’s hard to put a Maori name down on paper when you don’t know it because these names are really hard to spell! So many businesses went under because they couldn’t afford to buy pens anymore.. Reason 04: The internet was booming during this period of time- but not all companies had an online presence. Getting back into a routine after taking such a long break is difficult especially without enough funds which brings us right back around to one thing we’ve been saying this whole time – too much maori naming

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