6 Unforgivable Gecko Names Mistakes Everyone Makes

by Radhe

Geckos are cute little lizards. They’re small, they have sticky feet, and they can climb up a window without using their hands. But what happens when you name your gecko something that’s unforgivable? You might be wondering why we would even talk about naming mistakes in the first place – well, it turns out that many people make these 6 common mistakes when naming their pet geckos:

1) Forgetting to think of different names for each gender

2) Not considering how the name will sound with future siblings

3) Using an unoriginal or weird sounding name like “Bob” or “Fred”

4) Giving them a human-sounding nickname like “Billie”

Hey, Billie!

Goodnight, Billie. See you tomorrow.

See what I mean? That’s not a good idea for any pet gecko..

And so we come to mistake s- if your name is “Bob,” people might call him “Bill.” This can be really confusing and annoying when it happens over and over again – like the song in my head that won’t go away (I’m looking at you, Taylor Swift). So keep these mistakes from ruining your cute little lizard’s name with this simple checklist:

Do some research before naming them anything too obvious or weird sounding; think about whether they will have future siblings or other pets of their own species who need names as Mistake : Calling your gecko by a different name than the one you gave it. Smokey, or Blackie might be a great nickname for Dad’s new pet but it is not what he wants to call him! Geckos will often have two names that their owners use interchangeably such as Smokey and George – so make sure that his full name is on his tag at all times. Saying “his” when referring to female geckos can also cause problems because they are hermaphrodites meaning there are no male of females in this species. And calling them “female” could lead others to think she has been neutered which would never happen since they cannot reproduce without fertil

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