6 Reasons You Can Blame the Recession on Girl J Names

by Radhe

In a recent study, it has been proven that girls with J names are the cause for the recession. The study, conducted by researchers at Harvard University and Stanford University, found that girls with J names have caused many more problems than we thought. This is because of one simple reason: they go to college and get degrees in fields like “Women’s Studies.” It’s not just about majoring in Women’s Studies either; these girls take on jobs involving teaching women how to be empowered.

The problem? These women are too confident!

“Women’s Studies majors typically explore the lives of women and their roles in society, often including such topics as gender inequality.”

The problem with this is that there are no jobs for them to go into because they’re too confident. In a way, these girls have caused the recession by simply studying Women’s Studies and becoming teachers! The study concludes that we should stop encouraging young women from majoring in courses like “Women’s studies” or teaching other people how to be empowered by telling us what it means to be a woman.

A successful future may not include being an activist who teaches others about Womanhood due to its correlation with unemployment rates among college graduates.

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The article is about the name “Jamie” which means ‘supplanter’ in Gaelic. It was popularized as a first name when it became one on an American soap opera character from the 1970s. First Name Jamie Origin Gaelic Meaning Supplan It’s not a secret that the recession has had an impact on society as a whole, but what might be more surprising is how this downturn in the economy can be attributed to something seemingly so arbitrary. The US census bureau reported last year that three out of every five names given to baby girls born from 2008-2010 are J names – just think about it: Jenny, Jessica, Jordan and even Jayden. It seems like these days “J” is all you need for success! And if you’re thinking there must have been another factor at work.. well then maybe it was because 33% of those babies were also girl twins? This blog post will explore six different reasons why the inflation rate went up during this time period

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