6 Hilarious Tweets About Female German Shepherd Names

by Radhe

German Shepherds are the best dogs for so many reasons, but the one thing that they have in common is their names. We’ve put together some of our favorite tweets about German Shepherd names, and we’re sure you’ll find at least a few that make you laugh!

1) My dog’s name is Lola and she hates it because it makes her think of this song: “Lola (She’s A Lady)” by The Kinks.

Kelly, Twitter User

I can’t believe your dog hates their name! That’s so funny. I love this tweet because it reminds me of my German Shepherd Lucy who always wanted to be called Lucie when she was younger. It’s nice how the Kinks song is about a woman and not a man for once too! LOL 🙂

Aww, what an interesting story from Kelly on her pup Lola hating her name because it reminded her of The Kinks’ “Lola.” This reminds me that all dogs have individual preferences and opinions about things like names – they’re more than just pets; they become family members in our homes with personalities as unique as ours humans’. As much as we want them to behave a certain way, they’ll always do what’s best for them. Jessica, Twitter User I don’t think I’ve ever seen a German Shepherd called Lola but if my dog had that name then it would be awesome because she is the coolest and most lovable pup in town! My dog hates being called anything other than her own name though so when we call her by a different one like Lucy or Lilly then she just gives us this super sad face. All dogs are different and have their own opinions about something as simple as a name which is kinda cool. 🙂 The comment from Jessica made me laugh because of how much people love calling their pets “Lola” despite knowing its not true to the animal

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