5 Unbelievable Things You Never Knew About Girl Pitbull Names

by Radhe

Pitbulls are awesome. They are as tough as they come, and they have a lot of personality to boot. But what about their names? Well, there’s no shortage of pitbull names out there for you to choose from! In this blog post, we will explore 5 unbelievable girl pitbull names that you never knew existed.

Zippy: this one is pretty self explanatory. This pitbull’s name is Zippy!

Bella: Bella was a very special dog who loved people and other animals, but more than anything she loved her family. She touched many lives as she helped to heal the broken hearts of those around her. That’s why we think it would be perfect for your girl pit bull to have the same name.

Lola: Lola didn’t come from an abusive background like most of them do, which made her even more special in our eyes because dogs with a history can often stray into their past behaviors if they are not trained well enough or given attention that allows them to correct themselves. Â But when there are people who are willing to stand up for them, they can also be some of the best dogs.

Nellie: Nellie was a pit bull that followed her owner’s daughter everywhere she went and gave her comfort during difficult times. She would also keep people away from her when she felt threatened or scared which is why we think your girl dog will make an excellent companion for you!

Princess: this name is perfect if you’re looking for something original but at the same time sweet sounding. It may sound too princessy but it doesn’t have to mean anything more than just what it says; Your Pit Bull Princess! Â We hope these names give you inspiration in finding one that suits both your pet and your tastes! Maggie: this is the perfect name for your girl pitbull because it’s a play on words. It can mean anything from “love” in Gaelic or to be strong, with courage and strength, like Maggie Thatcher who was Prime Minister of England from 1979 until 1990. Â You get two meanings that you can choose between and they’re both adorable so we hope these names give you inspiration too! Angel: Angel may seem a bit cliche but if you think about where the word came from, it’s not such an old fashioned idea anymore. The concept of angels has been around since ancient times and still continues today which would make our precious pups some kind of angel even though they

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