5 Unbelievable Things You Never Knew About Fantasy Month Names

by Radhe

The month names in the Western world are a legacy of ancient Rome. We have developed them over centuries and they vary from culture to culture, but there are some things that you might not know about them. Here are five surprising facts about our month names!

Roman Month Names: The names for the months in Rome were originally derived from other peoples, mostly Etruscan and Greek.

31 Days or 30?: The month of February has either 29 days or 28 depending on what year it is. This is because our calendar starts with a different date every four years (to account for leap years) but this can mess up how many days some months have! If you ever think your birthday falls on an irregular day like December 31st, remember that’s just because we don’t use January as the first month anymore. 🙂

Seasons Affecting Months: You might not know this if you live somewhere without seasons, but winter and summer are never going to happen in the same month. How would we know when to plan for winter and summer if they were happening at the same time?

Month Names Around the World: The first person with some kind of calendar was Sumerian, not Roman! They had 12 months but only named 11 of them after their gods – maybe one you should look up is Tammuz, who has a day dedicated to him on modern calendars too! Other cultures have different names for all (or most) days including Japanese which includes multiple versions of our Sunday called “ichi-doyou” or Thai where there are even holidays that celebrate weekdays like Friday!

Months Changed Every Four Years: When Julius Caesar introduced his new system, he did it in such a way that one month would end and the next would start every four years. This is why our months have 28 days, except for February which has only 29 because Caesar wanted to give his own birthday an extra day! Today’s Months: The last time (according to Wikipedia) when all of today’s months had 31 days was 1849. After that they were changed back again – so we might be due another change soon? Month Name Origins: Some people think the word “September” comes from Latin words meaning seven times ten, or 17×20. Others say it means seventh month and yet others believe its name is derived from septem meaning

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