5 Sins of Changeling Names and How to Avoid Them

by Radhe

As a changeling, I have always found it difficult to come up with an appropriate name. There are many names that seem like they would be perfect for me and my background but there is just one problem – the name has been taken by another changeling in the area. In this guide, we will explore 5 of the most common sins committed when naming your changelings as well as how to avoid them so you can find the perfect name!

Sin 0: Uniqueness is not the goal

Some changelings think that they can come up with a name that no other has. They may have spent hours, days or even weeks coming up with their perfect moniker only to find out later on when logging into Second Life for example, and see someone else who already uses it! This sin can be avoided by using an online search engine such as Google (or whatever your preferred provider) to do some preliminary searching before settling on one final name option. It’s also important to note the capitalization of words in your searches so you don’t end up finding something completely different than what you were looking for!

Sin 01: Picking a bad pun – often seen where the changeling’s name is used as their profile picture In the virtual world, some people like to use puns in order to try and be a little clever or funny. This can often lead to things such as having your avatar’s head replaced with an emoji face, turning you into a Disney Princess, giving you wings and unicorn horns (yep – there are those types out there!), dressing up as Deadpool from that one movie..or even worse yet: using it as your SL URL/profile! It might seem cute for the first few seconds of exposure but then this changes into something just downright annoying after only 15 minutes. What would otherwise have been innocent enough becomes OCD inducing at best..and completely psychotic at worst.

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