5 Signs a H Names Revolution Is Coming

by Radhe

The h name is coming back. H names have been popular for a long time, but in recent years they’ve fallen out of favor with the general public. But now it seems as though these h names are making a comeback and could eventually take over the top spot on the charts again! Here are five signs that show this upswing might just be happening.

The popularity of the h name is on the rise, with over 400 more babies born in 2015 than there were in 2014. This could be a sign that people are starting to feel like these names have been around so long they’ve become part of our culture again.

Another interesting statistic comes from California where most parents go for h names which makes up about 13% of all male births! If you live in Los Angeles and your last name starts with H then chances are good you will give your son an H first or middle name!

These shorter nicknames make it really easy for kids to remember them when they start school because their teacher can just call out “Harry!” instead of “Henry!” We are starting to see them as kind of retro in a hipster way. They might not be the most popular names, but they are definitely coming back around and we think it will only keep increasing from there! Google Trends has also shown that searches for H Names have been on an upswing since 2008. This is probably because more people want their kids to have different names than just John or Jane, so they end up throwing some Js into the mix too like Jayden or Jordan. So while these aren’t THE most popular this trend does prove that our current generation wants something new when it comes to naming babies! This blog post was written by

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