5 Brilliant Tips for Wiccan Names Newbies

by Radhe

Wicca is a religion that has been growing in popularity over the last few decades. One of the most important aspects of this religion is having a Wiccan name. This blog post will give you 5 brilliant tips to help you find your perfect Wiccan name so that you can grow closer to your spirit!

Tip 01: Know what type of Wiccan beliefs you identify with.

You will want to use your spirit’s name as a way to connect and grow closer to them, so knowing which types of Wicca are important for you is key! Whether this means choosing between the Gardener or Mother aspect, making sure that they align with any other religions in your life, or finding out more about their specific meaning (ie., Earth Day) can be helpful when narrowing down names.

Tip 02: Consider how much responsibility your new waname has before deciding on it. The last thing you want is regretting something later because it doesn’t reflect who you really are and/or isn’t appropriate for certain situations.

Tip 03: Don’t have a specific religion or deity in mind? That’s fine! A lot of people choose to create their own names, such as using an adjective from your favorite color and following it with “Seer” for example. You can also take inspiration from the name of a loved one, pet, location you love living near, etc., too!

Tip 04: Choose something that reflects who you are on the inside without being limiting (ie., picking an animal spirit because they’re your favorite). This will help make sure that you feel more connected to them while not feeling restricted by what type of job/level of responsibility may come with certain spirits later down the road. If you do decide to go with something that has a meaning, make sure it’s not an ancient power animal or spirit people might have been programmed into believing they need. Tip 05: For those who are totally new to Wiccan names and want a little help in finding the perfect one for them, there are tons of resources available out there! Some websites offer free name generators while others provide some insight on what meanings may be attached to certain words. If you’re really feeling lost, ask your local witch/coven leader for advice because they know far more about spirits than we can ever hope to learn from books alone! Final Thoughts: I think this is all great information that will hopefully bring clarity when deciding on

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