3 Kul Tiran Names Myths, Debunked in 3 Minutes

by Radhe

Ever since the Battle for Azeroth expansion released, Kul Tirans have been making their way into World of Warcraft. If you are a Kul Tiran, or just an avid fan of the race, then this blog post is for you! We will be discussing 3 myths about Kul Tiran names that we debunked in just 3 minutes.

Myth 01: Kul Tirans have only one name.

Kul Tirans do not have just one name, they actually have at least two names – a first and last name! The Kul Tiran in World of Warcraft is named Calia Menethil, which means her full name is Calia Menethil. There are also other cases where people can be known by their middle or family member’s first initial such as Daelin Proudmoore (D).

Myth 02: You must go through an application process to change your character’s surname on the server you play on.

This isn’t true either! We couldn’t find any evidence that players need to apply for changing surnames. There are some exceptions, as with most rules in life. For example, if you want to change your surname back after deleting it from the game, then you will need to contact Game Masters and they can help you out!

Myth 03: Kul Tirans sound like Arnold Schwarzenegger when speaking.

We’ve debunked this one too – we couldn’t find any evidence of them sounding like Arnie either! The Kul Tiran language sounds more like a mix between Russian and Turkish than anything else (but that’s just our opinion). If anyone has ever heard an actual Kul Tiran talk? Let us know here or on Twitter! We would love to be able to have a video response for people who think these myths are true. Myth 02: Kul Tirans are a playable race in WoW. Sadly, this one is true! The good news? You can play as them now and explore their home zone with the Battle for Azeroth expansion (but we won’t spoil what’s happening there). If you want to see more about how they live or learn some of their language – then follow our social media channels! We’ll be posting videos soon that let you get up close and personal with Kul Tiran culture. Plus, if you’re lucky enough to meet us at an upcoming convention, come say hi! This blog post content has been written by . I am not affiliated with Blizzard Entertainment or World of Warcraft

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