15 Ways Marketers Are Making You Addicted to Warrior Cat Names

by Radhe

The internet has been flooded with articles about the new book series Warriors, but what is really going on? Why are people so addicted to these books and names? In this blog post we will explore 15 ways marketers are making us addicted to Warrior Cat Names.

The battle for territories and power, the suspense of waiting to see who will die next, the drama between cats in each clan all these things can be addicting.

Cats have distinct personalities; one is aggressive while another might seem shy or laid back. They are all different but they share a common goal: survival at any cost. This makes them more relatable than other animals that don’t behave like people like dogs or horses do because we know what it’s like to want something so bad that you won’t stop until you get it (which may not always turn out well). We’re drawn to their stories and how closely related our goals are with theirs. It feels good when words on paper mirror what’s going on in our own heads. It’s not easy to put down a book when you’re hooked on the story and there are some books that can be read over and over again because they just keep getting better with each time you do so. A good example of this is Harry Potter, which has sold more than 450 million copies worldwide since it was first published in 1997. Somehow JK Rowling made reading seem like an adventure–something we want to continue doing for as long as possible. So marketers who use these themes or storylines from popular children’s literature know what will catch your attention right away: + They take something familiar (like cats) and change them into something completely new by adding elements that make us feel like

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