15 Last Minute Cute Bunny Names Gifts for [Holiday]

by Radhe

This blog post includes 15 cute bunny names that are perfect for the upcoming holiday season. These bunnies can be customized with your family’s name, or any other word you want! The list of names is broken down into 5 different sections based on difficulty level and type of customization. Happy naming!

Section One: Easy Bunny Names with Simple Customization

Bobbo the Brown and White Bobtail Rabbit

-Bunny Girl – A cute girl bunny name that can be personalized with your family’s first name. This would make a great gift for any member of your family!

Strawberry Shortcake, Blueberry Muffin, or Raspberry Tart

Section Two: Moderately Difficult Bunny Names with Some Customization Requests

Hoppity Hopbun (name him whatever you want) He is an adorable little furball who loves to hop around all day long. Hoppity Hopbun makes the perfect gift if you are looking for something easy but still special enough to give to someone close.

Angel Bunny (change his name to be whatever you want) Angel is a white bunny with soft, cottony fur and the sweetest eyes ever! Who doesn’t love an angel? He would make a perfect gift for any little one in your life.

Section Three: Harder Bunny Names with More Customization Requests

Snowball – A fluffy, round ball of snowy white fur that has blue eyes and always loves playing outside when it snows. Snowball makes the best present if you are looking for something unique but still simple enough to give as Christmas presents or birthday gifts for kids aged two through twelve years old. This will definitely delight anyone who receives this adorable rabbit! Soda Pop – A cuddly, cute little bunny with fluffy white and brown fur. Soda can run around in the yard and chew on leaves like they are his favorite snack; some days he prefers carrots though! He is a great gift for anyone who likes to play outside or has an active family member that would love this animal as their new companion. His soft coat makes him perfect for snuggles too and he will be sure to keep any child happy whether it’s winter or summer time because of how lovable he really is. Ginger Snap (change her name) Ginger looks just like your average teddy bear.. only she’s got pink hair instead of black! She loves playing

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