15 Global Trends That Will Affect Boy Names That Start With D in 2022

by Radhe

Diversity is a huge trend of the 2020s. With that, we can expect to see many new names enter into popular use for both boys and girls throughout the decade. One such letter is D with some interesting trends in global legislation that will affect baby boy names starting with D, which will be covered below.

Dougall has been in use for centuries, but is making a comeback.

Doughert is an emerging name first used in 2010 and it means “doughy” which could be a cute nickname or the meaning of their name.

Dealon will probably emerge as another variation on Donovan given its similarity to Donal (Irish) and Donald (Scottish).

Dardanelle was introduced by Thomas Jefferson when he named his daughter Darcandarie, with her surname being Darby according to Wikipedia sources.

For girls around the world we can expect diversity too like any other letter! One such example would be Denaya, meaning “gift” from Arabic origin that’s rising quickly. The most popular girl’s names from Dutch origin would be Denisa, meaning “little duck,” and Denise which means “favoured by the gods.”

Diana is an English name that also comes from a Latin word. It can mean divine or heavenly if you see it as Diana being goddess of ancient Roman religion.

Dimitri will likely become more popular due to its similarity with Demetrius (Latin) which could make for cute nicknames like Dimmy! Another variation on this name would be Dimitrii used in Russia during the late 1800s.

Dale is a surname that can also be used as a first name meaning “valley” in Old English.

Damian means “taming of demons,” from Greek, and it’s rising quickly for girls too! Meaning Damian could become more popular due to its similarity with Damiyaan (Arabic) which might make for cute nicknames like Daaii or Daamii. Dante is an Italian name which means “endured, long suffering” and is actually a major figure in Dante Alighieri’s famous epic poem! It could also be used as a variation on the English word for someone who writes poetry. Darren can mean “great height,” from Old German or it might come form Gaelic meaning dark haired one. David has been popular for centuries because of its connection to Hebrew Bible King David and his great strength! In addition, Davide (Italian) will likely become more popular due to its similarity with Dawoodi Bohra culture, where people use this spelling instead. Meaning that while he may not be yet common across cultures outside of Italy

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