14 Things Donald Trump Has in Common With Russian Names for Boys

by Radhe

Donald Trump is an American businessman, TV personality, and candidate for the Republican nomination in this year’s presidential election. He’s also a popular name among Russian boys! Here are 14 ways that Donald Trump has things in common with Russian names for boys.

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Sentence 14. This is a quote about Donald Trump from an article in the New York Times. “Donald J. Trump, who has no qualms with self-aggrandizement and little use for subtlety.” The word ‘qualms’ means to have hesitations or doubts about something that you are being asked to do; here it seems that Donald doesn’t hesitate to be boastful and can speak bluntly without worrying too much about offending other people’s sensibilities.

“And this was before he really started talking!” It may seem like he talks all the time but when we see him on TV now, many think his speeches go on for way too long! There are also





All of these names share the same first four letters as Donald Trump’s name: Don-ald. These are just a few examples of how his real name shares similarities with Russian male names for boys that start with “donald.” This list is only 14 items long and includes both surnames and given names (traditional or modern). There’s one in here for all types! It would be difficult to find this many commonalities between any other American president—or leader from anywhere else for that matter. Despite being an international celebrity who has graced our televisions screens since the early ’80s; despite running business empires across continents; despite being a reality TV star and owner of one of the most popular Twitter accounts in the world: very few people know his name. Donald, Donny, Dima, Dimitry – all four letters are shared with Trump’s first name Donald. There is also an item for “Donald” which means “ruler.” This word shares its origins with Russia as well. And then there is Dmitri—a variant spelling for another Russian male name that starts with “donald” (Dmitry). The more you research these names’ commonalities, it becomes clear that they share something special beyond their similar sounding roots. The president has become quite famous over time despite being so unknown to many Americans before

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