14 Super Smart Ways to Save Money on Chinese Male Names

by Radhe

In this post, we will discuss 14 money saving tips for naming your new baby boy in Chinese.

Chinese names can be a huge expense- but there are ways to save on the cost of naming your son!

We’ve compiled some super smart tips that will help you out!

Tip 14: If your surname is a common Chinese last name, it would be wise to choose another one for the sake of uniqueness.

The searchability and write-ability are two things that can make this decision beneficial!

Examples such as Liu or Wang could work well with any first name.

This will help you stand out from all the other Lius and Wangs in North America who have been given their regular names by accident!

Chinese surnames are not chosen randomly like Western ones; they often signify what somebody’s profession or life was about.

For example, Chen might mean “scholar” while Yang might mean “dragon warrior”. This means that there’s no need

We all know that choosing the perfect name for your newborn son is a very important decision. And when you consider having to choose one in Chinese, it can be even more daunting!

But with our list of 14 Super Smart Ways to Save Money on Male Names from China, this task will be much easier and cost-effective:

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