14 Powerful Habits to Master for Success in Hood Names

by Radhe

Every year, there are new trends and challenges that come along with success. To be prepared for the new year, here is a list of 14 habits to master in 2018. These habits will help you achieve your goals this coming New Year!


You may think that habits are just for lazy people, but this is actually a really good way to get yourself on the right track. It doesn’t matter if you’re starting your day or ending it, these 14 habits will help you achieve success in 2018 and beyond!

Habit 14: Make Your Bed Every Morning What does making your bed have to do with success? A lot! When we make our beds every morning – even if they didn’t look like such a mess (or at least not as messy) before going to sleep – we start off each day by accomplishing something tangible. Making the bed also gives us an opportunity to take some time for ourselves which can be really helpful for our productivity.

Habit 13: Take a Break from Technology Every Day to Power Down and Unplug If you’ve ever gone on vacation, then you know how nice it is to be unplugged – not just phone-wise, but also all the other things that we do online like emails or social media. When we power down every day for even an hour before bedtime, we find ourselves feeling more refreshed in the morning because of this break. We can start off each new day with energy instead of fighting through every task on our list without any enthusiasm! Plus, when we take time away from technology, especially screens at night (like TVs), studies have shown that this can help us sleep better. Habit 14: Meditate for at Least Five Minutes a Day Meditation is another way to power down and unplug. It can be difficult to find the time for this, but research has shown that even five minutes of daily meditation can have beneficial effects on our minds and bodies. When we meditate, we’re training ourselves how to focus better in general – which makes it easier not only at work or school but also with hobbies like knitting or drawing! If you are new to this practice, try starting out by simply focusing on your breathing (nearly everyone knows how). This gives us a chance to take some deep breaths before returning back into our busy day.

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