14 Last Minute Dwarf Names Dnd Gifts for [Holiday]

by Radhe

This article is a compilation of last minute dwarf names for your upcoming DnD game. We are sure you will find something here to make your gaming experience memorable!





Fíli -Bombur (cousin)

Glóin Nár (father of Dís) Gróa, mother of Óin and Glóín. She is known for her healing skills. Thorin Oakenshield, the King Under The Mountain. He was slain by a dragon in the year 2770 of the Third Age on his quest to reclaim Erebor from Smaug; he was succeeded as king by Thorin II Stonehelm. ·Thrain II Ironfoot became Lord of Ered Luin after Thror’s death but refused to take rule over Erebor from Dáin, who had been Thror’s heir.

Balin Dori Óri (father of Ori) ·Óin was the eldest son and heir of King Árin Ironfoot. He would have succeeded his father but died fighting a dragon in T.A 3010 when he himself only just turned one hundred years old; Thorin II Stonehelm became king instead following Óin’s death as well as after Fíli and Kili perished with him at Azanulbizar.

Orauglin “Youngling” was a Dwarven prince during the War of Wrath in Dernancia who served under Barahir on Amon Rûdh and was killed by Morgoth’s forces alongside his father and older brother.

Durin II Stonehelm became king of Durin’s Folk after the death of Thorin II at Erebor in T.A 2941, while Thrór, son of Dáin I had become King-under-the Mountain following Smaug’s departure from Erebor; but when peace had returned to Durins’ Halls he gave way to Thrór who lived there till 2589 whereupon the Dwarves left for Khazad-dûm which they renamed Moria until its fall in 2002.” ·Náin II Ironfoot was a Dwarven king of Durin’s Folk, who succeeded his father in T.A. 2793 when he died at Azanulbizar fighting the Balrog during the War of Wrath for Dernancia and Númenor; but as soon as peace had returned to East Beleriand he too withdrew from Erebor to Khazad-dûm where it is said he ruled until 2899.” “It is not known what happened to Óin – whether he perished or left with those that remained on Middle Earth.” 14 Last Minute Dwarf Names: DnD Gifts for [Holiday] I Stonehelm became king instead following Ó

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