14 Bizarre Sorcerer Names Facts You Need to Know

by Radhe

Sorcerers have always had a certain mystique about them. They were seen as wise, powerful and magical people who could be counted on to provide good advice and help when needed. Today they are still just as mysterious and interesting but their names reflect that too! There is something very special about the way sorcerers choose their name which makes it different from any other type of name. Here are 14 bizarre sorcerer names facts you need to know!

14. “Aquilo” is Latin for north wind, but it was also the name of a Roman god who controlled winds and weather. In some ways, this makes sense because most sorcerers are often seen as controlling all sorts of things like air currents and other natural forces!

13. The word “wizard” comes from an old English word meaning to have power over something or someone else. It’s no wonder that many people still think of sorcerers in terms of them having great powers over others due to their mysterious origins!

12. There are several names which come from animals including Fox, Owl and Cat-Eye so you know these three were likely very good at being sneaky! They shared qualities with animals that were seen as mischievous in nature and often had the ability to see or hear things that others couldn’t. 11. “Mermaid” is a very popular surname, but it may not be so surprising because of their supernatural abilities! In mythology, some believed mermaids could lure sailors with their beautiful singing voices before pulling them down into the water where they would drown. Best Sorcerer Names: Aquilo – Cat-Eye – Fox – Owl – Mermaid Worst Sorcerer Names: Don Juan Montoya de los Santos Montezuma Jr. II The following sentence should come right after 11th sentence in paragraph one on page two (line break): None of these names really seem like terrible choices

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