13 Ways Marketers Are Making You Addicted to Norse Male Names

by Radhe

Norse male names are everywhere. From the Thor and Odin in Marvel’s “Avengers” to the Thor and Loki of Norse mythology, you can’t go anywhere without being faced with these quintessentially Scandinavian names. Marketers know this, which is why they’re bombarding us with Norse men at every turn. In fact, if you’ve ever been on Facebook or Twitter lately, it won’t be hard for you to come up with a list of 13 ways marketers are making us addicted to Norse male names!

Here are 13 ways marketers are making us addicted to Norse male names:

Brands like Thor and Odin in Marvel’s “Avengers” make these quintessentially Scandinavian names seem appealing.

It’s no coincidence that the only two characters named on Showtime’s show, Billions, happen to be a man with the name Charles Rhoades Jr., played by actor Paul Giamatti, and his wife Wendy Rhoades (played by Maggie Siff).

Norse mythology is also fodder for our ancestors’ imaginations; between 200 BC and 700 AD there were many references made about gods of Nordic descent in literature from both northern Europe as well as Africa.

In more recent history We all know the power of advertising. Marketers are constantly trying to make us buy, like and talk about their products in order for them to sell more product. One way they do this is by using psychology tricks which are designed to capture our attention and cause addiction-like behaviors around brands and products. 13 Ways Marketers Are Making You Addicted To Norse Male Names: Norse names have a lot going for them that might not be immediately apparent at first glance, so we’re diving into why you should consider changing your name from something common (or boring) like John or Jane Doe, to a Nordic masterpiece such as Thor or Odin! A little creativity could go a long way towards making people remember your name

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