13 Things the Media Hasn’t Told You About Girl Names Starting With S

by Radhe

The media is always telling you about the latest celebrity baby names, but they never tell you about girl names starting with S. Here are 20 things that might surprise you about girls’ names starting with S:

1) Sasha was 10 on the list of top 100 girl’s names for 2015.

2) Samantha was a popular choice in 2016 – it ranked at #8 on the list of most popular girls’ names in America.

3) Salma Hayek gave her daughter a unique name; she named her Valentina Paloma Pinault after marrying French businessman François-Henri Pinault.

11) There are a lot of ways to spell the name Savannah. Some of them include Savanne, Savena, Savina and Sabine.

12) The only thing about what’s so special about the name Selena is that it has an “e” on the end instead of an “i.”

13) Sophie ranked at 16 for most popular girls’ names in America in 2016 – not too shabby!

14) Sydnee was one of 2015’s top 100 girl’s names; she placed at 88.

15) Amanda isn’t just a guy’s first name anymore – there were more than 500 babies with this as their given name last year. This means that there are actually more Amandas than there are Emmas. 16) “Molly” ranked at 85 for top 100 girl’s names in America last year, but she was at the bottom of the list with only 50 babies given this name. 17) There were about 150 baby girls named Tatum born to celebrate her induction into Hollywood’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of Dixie Chicks. 18) Taylor Swift is one lucky lady who has two daughters; they’re both called [insert different first name here] Grace (her middle name)! 19) Savannah Guthrie may have been on NBC Nightly News since 2012, but she still finds time to be co-hosting Today Show alongside Matt

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