13 Reasons You Can Blame the Recession on George Foreman Kids Names

by Radhe

Most people believe that the recession is because of the banking industry. But they are wrong! The real culprits are George Foreman’s kids, specifically those who were born in 1990 or after. This blog post will give you 13 reasons why these kids deserve our ire and not sympathy for their parents’ economic misfortune.

The content is about how children born in 1990 or later are the ones responsible for causing the recession. The blog post points out that George Foreman’s kids have ruined many different aspects of society, not just our economy. Reasons include their unprecedented levels of spending, lack of financial responsibility and low work ethic among other things.

Some people believe that the recession is because of banks but it isn’t! Banks would be fine if they didn’t loan money to these so called “George Foreman Kids.” These GWFKs spend more than anyone else alive on frivolous items such as large screen TVs and new cars – often without any intention to repay them when due, a practice known as living beyond one’s means.

GWFKs are also the least likely to get a job. They will often spend their entire day at home on the internet or playing video games, and they expect you to pay for them! The GWFK lifestyle does not work because it is funded by loans from parents who have been working hard all of their lives.

Parents like George Foreman should take responsibility for what they’ve done but instead he continues teaching his children that society owes them everything just because they exist.. I am sure there was some sort of genetic defect in these kids that caused this whole catastrophe? It doesn’t seem possible that so many people could be acting against each other’s best interest voluntarily, right?

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