13 [Holiday] Gifts for People Who Love Hipster Names

by Radhe

When it comes to finding the perfect gift for someone, you want something that is thoughtful and unique. Well we have just the thing! With this list of 13 gifts for people who love hipster names, your shopping will be done in no time at all. From popsicle sticks to avocados (yes, avocados), there are plenty of items on this list that would make any hipster happy!

Popsicle sticks: Your favorite hipster will love these popsicle stick coasters that come complete with a pad of paper and pen to keep track of their thoughts.

Avocado slicer: Avocados are the perfect gift for any vegan or vegetarian, so this avocado slicer is an easy choice! They’ll be able to create beautiful dishes in no time at all.

Customized T-shirt: This may seem like an odd gift idea, but it’s actually really thoughtful! With a custom t shirt you can provide some humor while also providing support for your loved one. Plus people who wear clothing proudly always appreciate something they made themselves. Check out Etsy if you want even more customization

The holidays are just around the corner, and you’re probably struggling to come up with gift ideas for that special someone in your life. Sure, you can always get them a sweater or maybe some socks if they’re into those sorts of things. But what about something more hipster? We’ve compiled this guide of gifts designed specifically for people who love names like Zane, Acelynne, Chatelloise..you know the type!

Bijou Union // The Bijoux collection is perfect for stocking stuffers: small rings including pearl bands ($25), gold hoops ($30) and diamond bangle bracelets ($175).

GoldieBlox Tool Belt Kit // This kit comes complete with pink tool belt, a tool belt workshirt and hardhat for girls who love to build things ($50). UncommonGoods // The Uncommon Goods collection ranges from hipster jewelry like the diamond studded ‘Kiki’ necklace with gold or silver bezel ($150) to cute items like the “This is my Jam” sweet vintage style tee that says “I am not your average gal.” And of course we can’t forget about their custom pet portraits. They make it easy by offering one size fits all pricing so you won’t have to worry if they’re too small (from $30). For more present ideas go check out Etsy where there are tons of options including pillowcases printed with lyrics such as: I’m in love

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