13 Counterintuitive Tips for Crushing Your Lightning Names Goals

by Radhe

Don’t get discouraged! Lightning names are a great way to make your life easier when it comes to naming things. They’re also one of the most popular features on the internet right now, with over 3 million users and counting. But if you feel like you’ve hit a wall and have no idea what’s going wrong, don’t worry! This blog post has 13 counterintuitive tips for crushing your lightning names goals that will help anyone who is struggling with them.

Tip 13: Know your audience. You know how you sometimes have a hard time naming things because they’re too similar to something else? That’s where knowing your target market comes in handy. For example, if you’re making a website for high-end designers, it’ll be easier to come up with names that don’t sound like every other designer out there by going niche calling the site just “Designer Names” instead of “High-End Designer Name Generator.”

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Tip 14: Regularly clean up your list and remove any names that are no longer relevant to you or your organization.

A cluttered contact list will make it difficult for you to find the people who matter most, whether they’ve been on there for a day or many years. Your Inbox is not an archive – keep only those emails that have relevance today!

Regularly (at least once each month) review what’s in your contacts lists and delete anything that doesn’t meet one of these five criteria:

Is current information about them important? Do you need their phone number when traveling? Is this person someone with whom you communicate regularly enough to warrant keeping their email address handy without actually deleting it? Is there a person with the same name as them? If so, this is an opportunity to merge two contacts or delete one of them. Do you have duplicate contact information for that individual in your other lists (phone numbers, addresses)? Merge those records! Delete any duplicates outside of these three places: Phone Contacts; Contact List and Calendar Events. Duplicate phone numbers are OK if they’re tied to different email addresses. Too many emails means too much clutter it’s time to clean up! Only keep what’s relevant today! It will make everything easier tomorrow.”

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