13 Can’t Miss Netflix Shows on Irish Names for Dogs

by Radhe

Did you know that there is a subset of dog names based on Irish, Gaelic language? It’s true! And Netflix has the perfect show for your pup. All dogs need some time to relax and watch TV, so why not find one with an Irish name? We’ve got 13 suggestions just waiting for you and your pup to binge-watch. Check them out below:

1) The Closer You Get (Irish name: Aonach)

2) Ladybird (Irish Name: Láirbhean Bhán)

3) Forever (Irish Name: Mícheal Bhréagach or Árdmhaithreachas Dóiteáin Naofa)

You can find the full list of Irish names for dogs here.

Woof! “Your Name”, Rover Team”

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