13 Bizarre Fingers Names Facts You Need to Know

by Radhe

Fingers are a crucial part of our lives, and you’ve probably heard many different names for them. You may have even called your fingers by their proper name at some point in your life! But did you know there are actually 13 different names for fingers? Research has shown that the average person knows about 9-10 of these names, but it’s fun to learn all 13 just in case! The first finger on our left hand is known as “the index finger.” It’s the one we use in pointing.

The little finger or “pinky” is the fourth on our left hand and it’s called that because its muscle group, which controls bending at the joint, is small relative to other fingers. It gets its name from early 19th-century English slang for a pickpocket who worked with just this finger! The ring finger is known as “the wedding band.” This may be due to an ancient Hindu tradition of wearing thin gold rings (called Bands) on this particular digit during their marriage ceremony. There are more than five different names for fingers so read below!

Finger: __ Index Finger Pinky Ring Finger Middle Fingers Thumb Little Fingers Baby Fingers Carry – Toe: The human foot contains 14 bones. Thumb: It is not just a weird name! Your thumb protects the delicate fingers and hands from injury by sticking out to the side, away from your other fingers. Index Finger/Gonopod Two (Index): You use this finger for pointing at stuff like some dogs do with their nose. This one’s also important in handshakes and high fives because it can be used to show agreement or disagreement when tapping someone on the shoulder or back. Ring Finger/Pinky: Most people point with their index finger rather than using this pinky as they are more inclined to keep that arm close to their body while

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