12 Ways Investing in Russian Dog Names Can Make You a Millionaire

by Radhe

Valentines day is just around the corner, and many of us are scrambling to find that perfect gift for our significant other. If you’re running out of time, we have an inexpensive suggestion: Valentine’s Day-themed holiday ideas! We’ve compiled 12 ways investing in Russian dog names can make you a millionaire. You’ll never forget these creative Valentines day gifts again!

Research Russian dog names

Name your pet something like Vasya, Pasha or Sasha

Read up on the history of Russia and see if that interests you in any way (You can even read Tolstoy!)

Check out some books about Russia from the library to learn more about this fascinating place. You’ll be surprised by how many there are! Here’s a list: “Russia,” “The House That Jack Built,” “Crime and Punishment.”

If you’re looking for one last book to get before Valentine’s Day, try reading Leo Tolstoy’s short story called The Kreutzer Sonata as it deals with themes of jealousy, marriage and adultery. It is really thought-provoking and fascinating.

A great way to celebrate Valentines Day this year is by learning about Russia! There’s so much history, culture, art and literature there that you could spend all day reading about it on Wikipedia or checking out books from your library (There are a lot of them!).

For instance, Leo Tolstoy wrote one of the most famous short stories in Russian called The Kreutzer Sonata which deals with jealousy, marriage and adultery. It was written at the end of his life but still remains incredibly thought provoking for readers today because people often still have these same themes in their lives. Why not read it before Valentine’s Day? You’ll be surprised how interesting an easy read it is. Other Russian authors you might want to check out this month are Gustave Flaubert, Tolstoy’s wife Lyudmila, Fyodor Dostoevsky – who wrote Crime and Punishment which was a major inspiration for the American film A Clockwork Orange (which we also recommend). Plus more recent writers such as Vladimir Sorokin whose novel Blue Lard has been called “the most important book of our times.” Another great way to have some fun with Valentines Day while learning something new about Russia is by watching one of the many films from that country! There are so many good ones but here’s just a few: Dr Zhivago, The Cranes Are Flying (a

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