12 Unforgivable Lip Gloss Names Mistakes Everyone Makes

by Radhe

The first mistake you’re making is not understanding the difference between gloss and lipstick. Lip gloss has a wetter formula because it is designed to moisturize your lips. While lipsticks are meant to provide color, lip glosses give a shine on top of that color.

The second mistake you’re making is not knowing which gloss to use. You have a few options here, but the best lip gloss for your skin tone will depend on whether it’s summer or winter and what type of colors work well with your complexion. If you are fair-skinned, try pink tones like Chanel “Velvet Rose” (pictured above), while if you have olive undertones go in strong golds or browns like Nars “Taos.” Think about how light reflects off your face when deciding on a color.

The third mistake people make is applying too much product at once – this can create an unflattering shine that may look more like lipstick than lip gloss due to its darker pigmentation levels. This is especially true for those with lighter skin tones.

The fourth mistake people make is that they use too much product in general! This can lead to a heavy feeling on the lips, which takes away from the natural look and leaves behind sticky residue that’s hard to wipe off. Make sure you apply just enough gloss so it looks like your natural lip color has been boosted – see what I’m talking about below:

[Insert Image]

This photo shows how using an excess of gloss caused my lipstick (which was previously invisible) to become visible because it turned into more of a stain. When applying less than you think you need, this won’t happen! Try another swipe next time 🙂

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