12 Unforgivable Good Bird Names Mistakes Everyone Makes

by Radhe

Choosing a name for your new pet bird can be difficult. There are many factors to consider, including the type of bird you have chosen. For example, if you get a finch, they tend to be more vocal and may need a more upbeat name that starts with an “A” sound. While it is important to choose the right kind of name for your pet bird, there are also some mistakes that everyone makes when naming their birds. In this blog post we will discuss 12 unforgivable good bird names mistakes everyone makes and what you should do instead!

Mistake 12: Choosing a name that is too similar to your own.

The best thing to do when naming your pet bird is choosing one that sounds nothing like yours! It will help avoid confusion and keep you from getting frustrated with each other if the pets have identical names. For example, if you are Genna and your new pet bird’s name is Genevieve, it could get confusing for both of you in the future. Try not to use a name that starts with “G” or an “E” sound as this will be too close to either of those letters. Instead choose something like Goldie or Gorogoro (both start with a letter other than ‘G’ or ‘E’). Mistake #11: Trying to be too clever. Brevity is a good thing when it comes to naming your pet bird! You don’t want the name of their new home to be difficult for them (or you) to remember, after all! Don’t try and be too clever with what you pick- instead, choose something simple like Goldie as in golden finch or Gorogoro as in garden oriole. It will make both you and your feathered friend happy tomorrow if they know exactly what’s expected from them at meal time every day because that means less confusion about where they should sleep each night! Birds need consistency just like humans do so choosing

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