12 Surprising Taylor Swift Opinions on White Horse Names

by Radhe

Taylor Swift is a world-renowned singer and songwriter. With over 20 million albums sold worldwide, Taylor has released 7 studio albums, in addition to releasing 4 concert films and a live album. As you can imagine, Taylor’s opinion on many topics are sought after by fans around the world. In this blog post, we will take a look at 12 opinions that Taylor gave on white horse names!

“White Horse has always been one of my favorite names for a horse.” – Taylor Swift

“I like the name White Pearl too. It just sounds really pretty and elegant to me” – Taylor Swift

“‘Snowy’ is another great white horse name, but it’s also great because I used to have this big snow white cat with blue eyes named Snowball!” โ€“Taylor Swift

This blog post will take you through 12 opinions that Taylor gave on white horse names!

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High school was not a very happy time in my life. I did all of these things, and it’s still hard to believe that every day people call me “artsy.”

“Annie Oakley” is one of the best song names ever. It just sounds so catchy, but also kind of tough at the same time. The way she says Annie makes you want to keep listening to her sing for hours on end because she has such energy when she sings!

I’ll never forget about how much fun we had together during middle school field days like dodgeball (those are always really good memories) – there were these two girls who would stand next to each other on either side of their team’s line. Every time they tried to hit me, I would just jump out of the way and yell “Red Rover!”

Before we went into kindergarten though, my dad said he was going to trade in his guitar for a horse. But then after that day at school when we were playing tag, he told me that some people have white horses too!

“White Horse” is one of those songs you’ll always remember through all your years because it’s so catchy – not only are there these really great lyrics too but Taylor Swift herself performs them with such gusto and conviction which is something many singers lack nowadays. It sounds very country like the music from her album “1989,” but still has an upbeat feel as well.

This song should have been a single because it’s one of her most popular songs, but instead she decided to release “Love Story” and not this. I’m disappointed that the person who made the decision didn’t know about what Taylor Swift is capable of doing with this kind of music. This could’ve at least been on YouTube or something for people to enjoy!

“White Horse” has an interesting premise – basically some guy says he’ll trade in his motorcycle (or guitar) if she doesn’t like him any more just so they can be together forever. The girl then asks: What are you giving me? A pile of memories? Then why would I want them back when all we had was time together? And

My favorite White Horse is Bonny. I always wanted to ride a horse named Bonnie when I was little, but it never happened.

Trigger’s name should be Thunder Cloud because he has the potential for thunder and lightning in his personality.

If there are any horses that need names changed from their current ones, that would be Stormy Nose or Misty Mane on account of those colors being gross!

I’m not naming my horse anything with ‘mare’ after reading about what “mares” do during birth – yuck! And Athena doesn’t sound like much fun either..so we’ll just stick with Filly instead ๐Ÿ˜‰

People have been saying this for years: You can take your horses away from their pasture, but you can’t take the meadows out of them. – I’ve never experienced this with my own horse so maybe it’s just because he is a very tame and well-behaved horse who has lived around humans for most of his life?

Here are some other names that have been suggested to me:

Blaze (born in a blaze)

Stormy Nose or Misty Mane instead on account of those colors being gross!

Trigger’s name should be Thunder Cloud because he has the potential for thunder and lightning in his personality. He almost gets a little angry sometimes when you call him Trigger ๐Ÿ˜‰

I really love horses though..so if we ever get another one, it will definitely need to be a real name.

Amber Eyes – I used to have this horse and it was really cool because my eyes are blue, too!

Honey Brown (from the song ‘Brown Horse’) – This is such an adorable idea!

Strawberry or Cherry Lips for some color inside the mouth while they’re eating hay ๐Ÿ˜‰ – Horses can’t eat anything without opening their mouths so that’s what makes these colors so beautiful on them!

Starlight Glittering like stars in the sky- That would make him look magical ๐Ÿ™‚

Ice Cream Sundae for horses who love ice cream as much as we do!! It means extra toppings of whipped cream and sprinkles!!- You don’t know what an ice cream sundae is until you’ve seen one on a horse, trust me!

Ace – I like this because it’s so unique and not the typical white-horse name.

Dusk – It reminds me of my favorite time of day..and horses love to be out when there’s still light but just before dark!

Moonbeam – This would make him look magical ๐Ÿ™‚

Comette (from ‘White Horse’)-I think Comette sounds beautiful for any color that they might want their horse as long as no other comette has been taken by someone else first. That was always our number one dog at home with her being named after that song! She used to sleep

The Swift family once had a horse named White Horse.

Taylor loved the name and used it to title her first single, but she never expected that people would associate it with white supremacists because of its similarity to Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s famous battle emblem.

Dylann Roof is an example of a white supremacist who used this flag as his symbol for hate crimes against black Americans.

“When I wrote about America being ‘young and wild,’ I was talking about these beautiful qualities in our country,” Taylor says “I didn’t know what else to call my new album.” (source). To promote the song at live concerts, Tayor often wears a shirt from Sons of Liberty Textiles, a company that employs mostly formerly incarcerated people (source). -Taylor Swift is currently worth $300 million. -She has donated to various charitable causes, and she was one of the top celebrity donors in 2017 according to CharityWatch with an annual donation total of over $200,00 dollars (source). In addition, Taylor’s 1989 World Tour earned more than $200 million for its North American leg alone! She also just had her own signature emoji released on iOS this year as part of Apple Music’s latest update – it takes up two rows on your keyboard! It’s called “Taymoji.” CharityWatch: The Foundation Center ranks charities using their level of transparency and accountability. They rank highly even

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