12 Last Minute Russian Baby Names Gifts for [Holiday]

by Radhe

The holidays are fast approaching and you still don’t have a gift for your Russian friend or family member? No problem! We’ve compiled 12 last minute gifts that will be sure to please. If you can’t find the perfect name, these items also make great stocking stuffers!

Russian Dolls: These dolls, dating back to the 18th century, are handmade with intricate detail that captures Russian heritage. The recipient will absolutely love it!

Russian Language Learning Set: This set includes a CD and workbook to create an immersion experience for children who want to learn the language. Speakers of any other languages may also enjoy this gift as they try their hand at a new tongue!

What do you think? What would you add or remove from our list? Let us know in the comments below! We encourage all readers to share what “must have” items they’ve given during the holidays in Russia or America (or wherever!). Happy Holidays!

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Russian Translation of the Bible: The Book is a translation by Archpriest Nicholas Zernov in 1917 and remains popular among many Christians today, including former Soviet Union countries like Russia. It includes comparisons with other translations for understanding what words may mean or sound like to readers who are not fluent in Russian!

Red Army Hat: This hat features the red star that was used as insignia on uniforms worn by members of the army during World War II (1941 – 1945). It’s a symbol we’re all familiar with from books, movies, and more!

Boots: These boots make walking through snow much easier than wearing sneakers but they also keep your feet warm whether you have an outdoor winter wedding or just live in a cold climate!

Russian Flag: This flag’s red, white and blue colors represent the Pan-Slavic movement to unite all Slavic people. It was first used by Russia in 1877 as our country fought for independence from Turk rule during World War I (1914 – 1918). We love this symbol of unity so much that it is still on display today, even though we’ve achieved our goal of freedom long ago!

Catherine Wheel Candle: These candles are named after St Catherine a Christian saint who died using one under her feet when she refused to renounce Christianity. They’re popular at Russian Christmas celebrations because they look like fireworks!

Mariya Tsarevna

How to Celebrate [Russian Holiday] in America

Kolie: A Russian First Name Meaning “Newborn”

Pokraska: The Sounds of Christmas in Russia

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I am in a dilemma about what to get my sister, who is having her first baby. I want the gift she’ll cherish for years and still look at fondly when he or she becomes an adult. My niece will have everything they need from the time they are born, but this is their special day so I want it to be extra-special too! What do you think of these 12 last minute Russian baby names gifts?

12 Last Minute Russian Baby Names Gifts for Christmas:

This set comes with two “first” outfits that match — one blue and one pink stripe outfit each featuring a bow tie on its own blankie.

A personalized birth announcement card with matching envelope.

Classic children’s book “Goodnight Moon”

A set of personalized high chair placemats. (This is perfect for the table that will soon be baby’s new favorite place!)

An adorable plush bear with a fluffy white bow tie, available in blue or pink!

Personalized name card holders to cherish their first words and drawings.

The best part about these gifts: they are all under $40! I know she’ll love them – who wouldn’t? It’s such an exciting time and it can sometimes feel as though there is so much pressure on you to get everything just right for your family member. One day we were talking about how our parents always seemed stressed out at Christmas when we were kids, but we never realized that as parents we would feel the same way. So, this year I’m giving myself some time to relax and enjoy decorating my home for Christmas with these last minute Russian baby names gifts!


“The most beautiful sound in any language is laughter.” – Leo Tolstoy

[Bath set]


“The Cherry Pit” by Korney Chukovsky, illustrated by Roman Yershov. (A Russian classic children’s book)

“[book]” about Russia or life in the Soviet Union during a certain time period. For example: War and Peace; The Gulag Archipelago and other works of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn; The Restless Donkeys of Menahem Shefer; Night Watch or Day Watch series with Sergei Lukyanenko, etc..

[Nursery rhyme CD]

[personalized baby name generator tool.](link to blog post on how to create a name generator)

[Russian alphabet chart]

“С наступлением” (with the coming, with the approach of) Christmas. “Frolic and be happy!” Vladimir Vysotsky, Russian singer and actor. Bon Appétit! Happy Holidays to all my readers from around the world! Mery Chagnyat Tovarishchi! Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate it on December 25th or January 26th this year as well! And may you have an amazing New Year in 2017 too 🙂

Bullet Points: 12 Last Minute Russian Baby Names Gifts for Christmas | What are some last minute gifts for the holidays?

Russian baby names that are perfect for Christmas. | Your Russian Alphabet Chart to learn how to read, write and count in Cyrillic.

Personalize your child’s name with our online tool!

| Watch or Day Watch series with Sergei Lukyanenko, etc.. To take a break from all of this heavy reading material 😉 Haha kidding 😛 Nursery rhyme CDs personalized baby name generator tool.

`”С наступлением” (with the coming, with the approach) of [Christmas]. “Frolic and be happy!” Vladimir Vysotsky, Russian singer and poet.

The Twelve Days of Christmas (song). A dozen gifts in a single day, and all for me!

`Russian Baby Names Gifts | Christmas is coming quickly this year so it’s time to get your shopping done days before the holiday hits on December 25th.

“This list includes 12 Russian baby names that are perfect for Christmas. Some of these names will surprise you because they’re not very popular outside Russia but inside Russia they’re considered some of the most beautiful sounding baby girl names around. You’ll also find variations like Maria/Marya or Ekaterina/Katya as well as other more traditional name variants such as Elfima or Sophia.�` Igor Pakhomov Igor Pakhomov, freelance writer. “If you like this post then please share it with your friends and family! You might even be able to find some of these names for a baby boy or girl born next year.�` – Igor Pakhomov. Ekaterina/Katya: Variant spelling of the Russian Katherine name meaning “pure.” Sometimes spelled as Ekatrina because K is not used in the Cyrillic alphabet which is widely used by Russians. The most popular variant that’s commonly found around Russia today is Katya, but what does anyone know about how people spell their own name? 😉 Maria/Marya: Variations on the English Mary which sound similar in

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