12 [Holiday] Gifts for People Who Love African Last Names

by Radhe

The holidays are fast approaching and you don’t know what to get that person in your life who is obsessed with African last names? Fear not, we have 12 holiday gifts that they will love!

1. “I’m the Last Name” mug- For those mornings when you need a little reminder of how great it is to be yourself.

2. African last name necklace- This beautiful necklace would make any outfit pop!

3. Dancing With The Stars: Season 20 DVD Set- Get ready for some serious dance moves and laughs with this TV classic!

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Some people love to give gifts just because they’re in the giving spirit. Others like to get something for themselves while others are looking forward to Christmas presents from their loved ones. No matter which type of person you happen to be, this article has you covered with 12 great [holiday] gift ideas for those who love African last names!

No one should miss out on getting a well deserved and thoughtful present during the holiday season, so here is a list of twelve surefire winners that will make any recipient feel extra special. These gifts range from personalized art projects all the way up through an exotic vacation package guaranteed to put anyone into “the mood”! If there’s someone close by that loves African last names then these twelve items are sure to be a great way for them to show off their culture and heritage.

This blog post has been written by the team at GiftsForAfricans.com, who are passionate about making it easy for those that love African last names get access to unique gifts from around the world!

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The following blog post is part of a series on 12 [Holiday] gifts for people who love African last names! The first article in the series can be found here: “Part One”. The full list of 12 articles can be found at this link: “All Articles”

12 Personalized Art Projects that Give Me Joy -African Roots and Identity -Beautiful Bookmarks from Around Africa

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The following blog post is part of a series on 12 [Holiday] gifts for people who love African last names! The first article in the series can be found here: “Personalized Art Projects Give Me Joy.” The full list of 12 articles can be found at this link: “All Articles”

12 Personalized Art Projects Give Me Joy *African Roots & Identity Beautiful Bookmarks from Around Africa. GiftsForAfricans.com, Gifts For Africans Blog. N.p., n.d Web (article continues

This old-fashioned looking dictionary will be loved by anyone that loves African last names. It’s got all the hard to find ones, plus a few more common ones like Obama and Mandela.

Lets not forget about those people who love cooking with spices! This cookbook has delicious recipes for every level of chef. Plus, it is full of beautiful pictures so you can see what your food looks like before diving in (although I’m sure these dishes are worth breaking out some china).

Why stop at just one! One thing this person would probably enjoy receiving as a gift is an Ethiopian lamb tibs recipe cut board handmade from recycled wood found on their trip to Ethiopia. The other side holds instructions on how to prepare one of the dishes that they learned about while there. It is a great way for them to remember their trip and all the fun adventures they had!

Now that they have a lot of dishes to try out, there are some amazing bookends for their bookshelf–made from either recycled metal or reclaimed wood. Not only does it look good but these gifts will also help this person keep their place in each chapter!

This gift is perfect for the music lover who likes Africa! The drum set comes with hands-on lessons on how to play drums and African percussion instruments, as well as an instructional CD to get them started right away. They’ll be able to learn about different rhythms while enjoying making beautiful new sounds.

A Senegalese cooking pot would make a great addition to any kitchen because of its ability to retain heat which helps maintain flavor. This piece looks beautiful and is perfect for serving or making delicious African dishes that are a hit with family and friends.

A colorful cushion in one of the traditional designs from Kenya, Ghana, Benin, or Nigeria can brighten up any space while also being incredibly comfortable to sit on! These pillows come in various sizes too so it’s easy to find the right fit for your home.

This gift will be sure to put a smile on their face because they’ll get to see Africa every day when they use this beautiful wall art map. Whether you just want them to have an updated version of where all the countries are located or you’re hoping that sticking pins into different parts might give them some inspiration for travel plans this is both thoughtful and practical.

Wearing their African heritage with pride on a t-shirt is one way to show off how proud they are of where they came from while also being able to wear it comfortably in the warm weather months! These shirts come in both men and women’s styles so you can pick whichever best suits your loved one, or go for two different colors if you’re looking for something more generic.

This wristwatch will remind them that time passes all around the world and not just by watching an analog clock ticking away on the wall but by wearing this watch as well. A sleek design paired with an elegant leather band makes this piece work with any outfit and give them yet another reason to love these watches even more than before Many African people have last names that represent their heritage, and can be difficult to pronounce for others. This holiday season, we’ve put together a list of 12 gifts so your loved ones will feel extra special about their last name! A personalized notebook with the recipients’ full name printed on it in bold letters: These notebooks are perfect for jotting down notes or sketches while traveling or even as a journal at home. It’s also great because you’ll always know whose is who when they’re left lying around somewhere. Get one here, which starts off at just $25 including all shipping costs! Gift cards from stores like Amazon or J Crew: These can be an easy way to give

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