11 Things Oprah Winfrey Has in Common With Horse Names Female

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A recent meme has been making the rounds on social media, showing Oprah Winfrey with headlines dubbing her as a horse.

The following is a list of 11 things that Oprah Winfrey shares in common with female horse names:

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As a woman, Oprah Winfrey has had to endure many things in her life.

Including the public scrutiny of her weight fluctuation and rumors that she was dating someone famous. But there is one thing that Oprah shares with women everywhere: female horse names! And these 11 surprising facts about these two groups will make you want to be even more like your favorite television hostess!

Here are just some of the things they have in common (but don’t tell anyone!).

Both prefer TV shows over movies for entertainment

Owners who love them enough to treat them both as family members

A few celebrities on their personal list – including Beyonce, Prince Harry, Taylor Swift and hers truly! [Insert self-promotion]

Now that you’ve seen the similarities, go have a look at our blog post to find out more!

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at what else we found. Here’s hoping Oprah approves of this analogy as well. [Insert self-denial] So share it with your friends and lets see if they’re just like these two groups in many ways – but definitely not all of them (as I’m sure she would point out). And don’t forget to comment below on some of the other things these two groups might have in common! We want to know your thoughts too. Share now for a chance to win an autographed copy of my book The Light Within You: A Practical Guide to Exploring Your Inner Being.

As we all know, Oprah is a media mogul and philanthropist who has been referred to as the Queen of All Media by the Guinness World Records. And although she’s an American icon, it turns out horse names are known for being international! So here they are:

Oklahoma (named after the U.S.)

Rio (named in Brazil)

Dakota (named in Canada)

Rebecca Jane (a British Canadian name – but not Elizabeth!)

And more! There are plenty of other parallels between these two groups that you’ll be surprised about too.. We want your comments below before reading on so share now for a chance to win a copy of my book!

Horses live about 25 years, which is the same as Oprah’s age.

Both groups can be stubborn when they don’t want to do something.

Both are female dominated (a quarter) and male dominated (three quarters).

The most popular color for both horses and Oprah Winfrey coats is black. The second least popular color for both would be white with blue in third place. And fourth goes red, like an unrequited love or “totally over” status; followed by green – jealousy has no bounds..or does it? These colors represent emotions that you might feel from time to time: sadness, anger, envy/jealousy.

Both are a symbol of power, strength and freedom.

Horses have their own unique brand while Oprah has her very own self-branded empire: Harpo Productions. Her company is a subsidiary of the Hearst Corporation’s ABC Television Network (which was named after her initials). She also owns O Magazine and she’s now on OWN – Oprah Winfrey Network! And in case you’re wondering about how many times “Oprah” appears so far? Just this sentence alone contains it twice..and that doesn’t even include “OWN.” That word counts as two because it starts with an “O”! Which means there are three mentions to date for each letter not including vowels which can be counted

Oprah has a love for horses

She is also known as “O” to her staff and friends. This can be the nickname of female horse names, like Oceana or Odessa.

Her company’s name is Harpo Studios which sounds similar to one letter away from another genre of animal: lions! Lions are animals that have been given many different types of nicknames over time including Leo, Leona, Leonidas, etc. The lion in Greek mythology was called Nemea meaning “The Silent One” because he roared so loudly; this could be the origin behind Winfrey’s choice for the word “Harpo.” Or it could come from an Old French word harpier (female harpist) which she could have chosen because of her love for music.

Oprah is from a small town in Mississippi

She was adopted by parents who had already raised six children, and struggled financially when they took on Winfrey as their seventh child. The number seven is known to be the luckiest number in Chinese culture; it has been repeated three times so far with mentioning that horses can represent good fortune in many cultures! Horses also symbolized life and fertility before Christianity came into China where some people still believe them to do so today too. This means that having this lucky animal mentioned twice must mean something pretty special about how we should all feel about Oprah’s biography!

Her birth date (January 29) is a special day for women in the United States due to it being “National Women’s Day,” and she was born on this date.

Oprah has struggled with her weight for most of her life

She did not have much money growing up but lived without materialistic needs

which makes sense given that horses are symbols of abundance (like wealth), which could be why they were chosen as lucky animals! To many cultures from around the world, having them featured three times must mean something very positive about how we should all feel about their luckiest woman ever! Winfrey even became richer after receiving an inheritance when her father died, who had been financially struggling before his death too.

Oprah has a black horse, which is the color of night and darkness. This could be to signify her introversion as she spent much time with herself growing up or that this means there are some things in the world we just can’t see, but come out at night.

) is also considered lucky because horses were used during wartime for weaponry and transportation. Horses have even been known to represent virility! (For example when they find one female horse, it would lead them right to more.) In ancient times, people believed that if you rode on top of a white mare nine years old then all your wishes will come true though these days many believe this was taken from an Irish folktale passed down through the centuries. ) is a beautiful, majestic creature with flowing mane and tail that adds to their beauty; they also have wings on their feet so that they can fly in the sky! They are often used as symbols of freedom or independence because of how large they were able to roam without restrictions. Horses represent power and wealth when it comes to horse racing but I think what Oprah may be telling us here is not about her need for material things but rather achieving success in life and using intelligence instead of brute force like she had done by studying hard during school before dropping out at age 17. There’s no denying that horses symbolize many different meanings throughout history: strength, agility, fearlessness, loyalty etc., so

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