10 Tips for Successfully Working From Home When You’re in the Old Lady Names Industry

by Radhe

Working from home is a privilege, but it can be tough when you are in the Old Lady Names industry. For those of you who don’t know what that means, I am talking about an industry where people constantly call and ask for names like Grandma Ethel or Great Aunt Edna. It’s not easy to stay focused on your work with all these interruptions! In this post we will go over 10 tips that will help you successfully work from home while still making enough money to get by.

Tip Number One: Close Your Door. Try to find a room in your house that has enough space for an office and close the door so people can’t come in when you are working. If it’s too cold outside, then try looking at some pictures of beaches on Pinterest or Netflix while you work! You’ll be relaxed before you know it 🙂

I hope this was helpful! Feel free to leave any comments below with questions about my tips or what they mean for you as somebody who works from home. We all need support sometimes 🙂

Number/bullet point Tip Two: Make Friends With People Nearby Who Work From Home Too- It will make things less lonely than if everybody else is sitting at their desk somewhere far

Tip 01: Establish Your Work Hours Early On

You should establish your work hours as soon as you start working from home, even if that means a much earlier time than when you were in an office. By having set work times on the books (or virtual paper), you’ll have more structure and less of a chance of being late or skipping out early for something else going on outside of work.

Tip 02: Know When to Shut Off Phone and Other Distractions

When it comes to successfully working from home, one major factor is knowing when not to be distracted by things like phone calls or social media notifications. You want to create space for yourself so that you can focus entirely on what needs to be done. Don’t allow yourself to become distracted and lose the momentum you have built up or risk getting nothing accomplished at all.

Tip 03: Write a To-Do List for Yourself, Every Day

In order to avoid forgetting things throughout your day of work, sit down with pen and paper (or on your computer) before starting any tasks in the morning and write out what needs to get done that day along with how much time it will take each task. This way you won’t end up scrambling just before bedtime because there’s still so many items left undone from earlier in the day!

Tip 04: Make Sure You Have Coffee/Tea Supplies Handy

When working from home it’s important to have coffee and tea supplies handy. You never know when you’ll need a boost of caffeine or the soothing effects of a hot drink, so it’s always best not to take any chances.

Tip 05: Get Outside for Fresh Air Every Day

Sometimes working from home can feel like being locked in your own house all day long and this lack of fresh air is very detrimental to our health! Take some time each day outside- whether that means going on walks during lunchtime, taking quick trips around the neighborhood or just sitting out on the porch with iced green tea in hand – you will be glad you did!

Tip 06: Avoid These Distractions at All Costs (or all costs!)

It’s very easy to waste time when we work from home, often by getting distracted and being drawn into other things. The television might be calling your name with the latest episode of __ or you’ll start tidying up around the house that needs doing for weeks on end! It all just takes a little extra discipline but it will pay off in the long run because you’ll have more free time throughout each day.

Tip 07: Designate Working Hours- No Matter What Your Profession Is

Everyone has different schedules so this tip won’t apply equally to everyone, but if possible give yourself regular hours for working every weekday (even if they are staggered). This ensures not only that your body maintains a natural sleep cycle but also that you can clock in the hours needed to get your work done.

Tip 09: Make Sure You’re Comfortable- It’s Impossible To Be Productive When Your Lying Sprawled Out On A Couch!

You have been sitting all day and now it is time for a break; don’t just plop down on the couch without considering how long you will be there, this could cause pain or discomfort later on. If possible take short breaks outside but if not find an alternative spot like your bed where you are still able to prop up with pillows or sit comfortably. Sometimes even laying sideways across the length of your mattress might help relieve any back strain from being hunched over at a desk too long.

Tip 11: Play Good Music- It’s All About The Theme!

Music can become a huge motivation to keep working, it also helps drown out any background noise that may have been irritating you or distracting. If your work involves listening closely then make sure the music is not too loud and does not cover up important information for what you are trying to hear. Choose soothing music if you need your focus but want something upbeat when time allows; always remember that this should be enjoyable so don’t feel obligated to listen to stuff just because others say it will help improve productivity.

It might take a little trial and error before finding the right things for yourself as an individual but these tips could get you headed in the right direction on

Tip One: Make a separate work area that is your “office”. This could be an office in the bedroom or living room, but do not use your kitchen table!

Maintaining boundaries between home life and work life will help you to succeed. You may find it easier to take care of chores at night if you don’t think about them during the day when working.

Tip Two: Take some time every morning for self-care rituals like coffee brewing, stretching, going outdoors for fresh air and sunshine before starting work. No one likes feeling grumpy all day because they didn’t get enough sleep!

Bottomline? Self-care is important so leave yourself plenty of space for it.

Tip Three: Create a work schedule that is realistic for you and your family’s needs, even if this means working from home every other day or taking time off in the middle of days to run errands on your lunch break. The key is not to let guilt get in the way!

Being present with both our families and jobs will make us happier people so take care of ourselves by setting boundaries where needed.

Tip Four: Make sure you have chairs at each end of your desk-of course one should be an ergonomic chair (if possible!) but pair them up to ensure that there are seats available for everyone who might sit down while visiting. No matter how much we like Tip #0 – Know your boundaries. If you work for a company, make sure to set up boundaries with your boss and coworkers so that they know when to expect contact from you, such as during regular business hours or after certain hour of the day like at night if it’s only reasonable. The same applies if you’re working for yourself and don’t have any other employees but still need to maintain communication online in some form- be consistent about what time zone is best for each person! Tip 00 – Don’t come back home too late each evening; go out into public sometimes! It sounds mundane and simple, but keeping social connections can help alleviate loneliness that comes with isolation because most people are more likely

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