10 Sins of Last Names That Start With S and How to Avoid Them

by Radhe

Surnames are one of the most important pieces of information we have about a person. They tell us where they come from, what their family name is, and even sometimes religious affiliation. But there’s more to naming than just that! Names can be used in many different ways for marketing purposes as well. Think about it: if you’re looking for someone with the last name Smith who lives in New York City, wouldn’t an ad like “Find your perfect match” or “Meet new friends” get your attention? Here’s how to avoid 10 sins committed by people with surnames beginning with S – so you don’t fall prey to them yourself!

Sin 01: Being too common. In the United States, there are over 240 people with surnames beginning with S for every 100 last names in general. That’s a lot! So if you want to stand out from your peers, avoid using such a common name. Instead be creative and use something that starts with an unusual letter or ends on one (try Z!)

Sin 02: Using a misspelled version of their own surname – Ok so this is more about how not to spell it than what it should sound like but still.. There are many ways our parents can fail us when naming us; this one happens often enough we felt like its worth mentioning here as well. If you’re named Smith? Don’t spell it Smithe.

Sin 03: Using a long surname that is confusing, difficult to pronounce or spelled in an unusual way – More and more people are using their mother’s maiden name as a middle one these days so this sin doesn’t happen often but sometimes its out there lurking! If your last name is Smithson? You may have some difficulty with pronunciation and spelling from time to time.. just ask my mom about her maiden name (Rader). It was almost like she was trying to make our lives harder on purpose when she named us after herself. Society needs fewer Raders in general though.

Sin 04: Being too ethnic sounding – One of the common mistakes for many who don’t speak English as their first language is to use a last name that sounds ethnic. This can have some interesting benefits but the detriments are higher than for those who just go with family names like Smithson or Joneson depending on your ethnicity.

-Sin 05: Thinking you need more letters – You don’t! Seriously, if you’re awesome and people want to find out about you they’ll type in Smithson not Smithesonthefirstname or whatever weird spelling of it without doubling up on the S’s at the beginning of our surname might be spelled (ahem). Unless I’m trying to trick someone into thinking my full name starts with an M so they google me again later when I’ve used both versions 🙂

Sin 06: Giving your kids a cool one-syllable last name that ends with an S – This is not for everyone and this might sound crazy but I kind of like to have more syllables in my name than just the first letter. It makes me feel more unique, like somebody really cares about me as their child

Sin 07: Using a common English word – If you use “Smithson” it can be hard for someone who doesn’t speak English as their first language or don’t know how to pronounce words phonetically (because we all learn at different rates) so they’re going to try to find information on the internet by typing in Smithsons incorrectly because there’s no other option. And when they finally find the information they’re looking for, it might not be what you wanted them to find

Sin 08: Using a word that is difficult or impossible to pronounce -This one’s really scary because if someone can’t pronounce your last name when meeting you (which will happen) then their brain has to try and remember how to say this new thing. That could cause some confusion which isn’t something anyone wants in an introduction!

Sin 09: Having only two syllables in your last name – This one doesn’t apply so much with people who are born after 1995 but I’ve met plenty of kids whose names end up being shortened by teachers on attendance sheets (unless they have five letters like “Adams”) and other times

Sin No.

No one wants to be saddled with a last name that makes them sound like they were named by their parents after an unfortunate event, such as the sinking of the Titanic! These are some names I’ve come across in my research that might make for good reasons for someone who has S at the beginning of her surname to change it:

Savage – this is not a nice word and is often associated with violence and cruelty. Can you think of any other words or phrases that start with “sa”? What do those have in common? Do not use Savage as your first or middle name if you want to avoid being called savage! It’s bad enough when people call me Sasha.. 😉

Stagnant – a word that means not flowing, inactive or inert. I don’t know about you, but there are few things more stagnant than being unemployed for six months out of the year (I kid!).

Savage may sound like it is associated with violence and cruelty because “savage” has two meanings: uncivilized person who lives outside society in nature; creature seen as dangerous or fierce by others. The first definition pertains to last names such as Savage which have violent connotations whereas the second refers to people having this name. Stagnant can mean something that does not flow from lack of movement, energy, etc., so again its meaning would depend on context–though often stagnation implies a negative state.

Sin is an action that is considered to be immoral, wrong or against divine law. One definition of sin could be: a violation of human moral standards and religious beliefs.

What’s in Your Name? Avoiding the Ten Sins of Last Names That Start With S by Alberti Adams Jr., Esq. March 16th 2016 at 12:37pm UTC

Back on point, there are many things you can do to avoid being stagnant with your name last names such as Savage which have violent connotations–it may just take some time and creativity! Would love to hear how you’ve avoided any sins associated with your last name if you happen to know what they might be! Comment below so I can share it here for others who need it!

What are the Ten Sins?

Smith – Sin: It’s Just a Name. The name Smith may not seem like it has any negative connotations, but in some cultures and religions it comes with many burdensome meanings that can be avoided by changing your last name to something less common.

Savage- Sin: Violence or Anger Inherent This is also one of those names which have violent connotations–it may just take some time and creativity! Would love to hear how you’ve avoided any sins associated with your last name if you happen to know what they might be! Comment below so I can share them here for others who need them! Crook-Sin: Crime Implicit In this case we -Stingy: This last name might be an indication of future financial issues. -Spineless: You will have a hard time making decisions and standing up for yourself in the workplace if you inherit this surname. -Stupid: Sure, it’s just your family name but people are going to think they know you because of what is on your birth certificate. It can’t hurt to put more thought into your legacy before choosing one that seems like a good idea at first glance. There is no way around how other people will perceive you based on this decision too! So give some serious consideration to whether or not “stupid” really reflects who you want others to see as being when they hear about it.

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