10 [Holiday] Gifts for People Who Love Swedish Last Names

by Radhe

Want to know what to get that special someone on your list who is in love with Anders, Karl, and Astrid? Then you’re going to want these gifts! These are the perfect things for people who have Swedish last names. From a classic Christmas sweater to a Rickard mug and other great items, here’s what you’ll need this holiday season.

This list is a great starting point for gifts. You can find these items on amazon with the links below!

Gift Ideas: [Rickard Mug] ($21) – This mug features an iconic Swedish design that will always remind you of home. It’s perfect if your Anders family member loves to drink out of mugs and needs their morning coffee or tea. [Anders Sweater]($18) – The snowman knits this sweater, giving it a fun twist while still telling you about where they’re from. It makes a great winter accessory or warm layer inside during those cold days ahead!

Astrid Pillow Cover ($19) – These pillows are soft and beautiful with a Nordic style. They also come in many different sizes and colors, making it easy to find something that works for you! [Rickard Luggage Cover]($25) – Show off your Anders pride while traveling this year by putting their luggage cover on the outside of yours!

Anders Cookies ($14) – This delicious gift is perfect if your loved one loves candy canes or gingerbread men as much as they love Swedish names. It’s an assortment pack so there are 16 cookies inside which will hopefully last until Christmas Day when we’ll be having our big family dinner.

This list is just a starting point- what are some other gifts people might need? Share them below in the comments section!

Need some more ideas? Check out these posts! [Holiday Gifts for the Anders in Your Life](link) or [Anders Stocking Stuffers You Can Get at Any Swedish Store](link).

Shopping Tips: For a quick and easy gift, you can supplement your purchase with an Artisanal Chocolate Gift Set from Lindt ($14.97), which includes 14 different flavors of chocolate that will please any palate (including those who prefer sweeter treats!). I know this sounds like an afterthought but it’ll be one they never forget when they open up their stocking on Christmas morning. This is also great if you’re not sure what to get them because it’s something unique and delicious!

A personal favorite: For the Anders person who is always on their phone, they’ll love this handmade leather iPhone case from [Handmade Leather](link) ($69.00). It’s available in a variety of colors and has an adjustable strap with magnetic closure that will fit most phones. Plus it looks really cool! (I’m still jealous I don’t have one.)

Need some more ideas? Check out these posts! [Holiday Gifts for the Anders in Your Life] or [Anders Stocking Stuffers You Can Get at Any Swedish Store].

Shopping Tips: For a quick and easy gift, you can supplement your purchase with an Artisanal Chocolate Gift Set from Lindt ($11.99).

And don’t forget about the [Gift of Choice] from Nordstrom’s! The Gift of Choice, available at all Nordstrom stores and online, is a special gift card that can be used for anything in store or on nordstrom.com – perfect when you have no idea what your Anders person wants! ($25)

And if they’re as hard to shop for as I am? Check out this list: Top Gifts for the Swedish People In Your Life. It looks like someone already put some thought into it so we should both thank them later. 😉

[A Swedish Cast Iron Skillet](/category/kitchenware/)

A [Personalized Hoodie (link)](item.html) or a Pillowcase* with their last name on it, so they can get cozy while rocking out to Spotify’s playlists all day long.

Cross Stitch Kits of Famous Painters from the Art History Calendar series like Vincent Van Gogh and Pablo Picasso are perfect for anyone who loves learning about art history! The kits come with everything you need to make your own cross stitch piece just add fabric and embroidery floss to create something that will be cherished forever.

One of the best parts about being an Anders is that you don’t have to worry about anyone ever forgetting your name. And, for those people who love Swedish last names just as much as we do (hi!), there are some pretty cool gifts out there to celebrate their favorite person’s namesake this holiday season!

Some people might go with a classic like Balderdash or Scrabble, but if they’re looking for something more unique and on-trend then check these items out:

We hope our list has helped you find the perfect gift idea no matter what kind of Anders Person in your life! Happy Holidays from all of us at The Anders Company!

This post contains affiliate links which means

A Tree Ornament that says “Anders”

Songs by Swedish artists like Ace of Base and The Cardigans.

Swedish chocolate, such as Kex and Timotei.

Gift certificates for Swedish massage or other treatments in a spa with heated stones (or even just some alone time).

An “I’m Sorry I Ruined Your Life” mug from the bookstore café at Ikea. It’s an apology gift to make up for years of taking your last name so literally when you really could have gone by any one else’s instead! 🙂

“My other car is a Saab!” bumper sticker because yours never would be 😉

A Swedish flag that you can hang proudly over your desk..on April 27th!

Or get them a subscription to Vogue so they don’t miss out on the latest trends.

A Swedish cookbook so they can make their own meatballs, lingonberries and Acke Cake!

Lastly, but not leastly: a book of baby names. It’s time to start thinking about those kids! especially if you’re already having them this year because I don’t want to be the only one around here with an Anders name 😉 ”

This blog post is about the best gifts you can get for someone with a Swedish last name. I’ve come up with ten ideas, and if there’s something else they’d like to see added please let me know! The first thing on my list is an apology from Ikea because when they should have just gone by John Smith instead of Anders Johnson it would be so much easier than being asked “Are you related to the famous architect?” every time your family goes shopping. Next, give them a bumper sticker that says their other car is a Saab because people who are afraid of buying anything but black cars don’t need one anyway ;-). Or maybe some swag from Sweden; If you’re looking for something more thoughtful though, you could get them a Swedish translation of their favorite book . Or some matches so they’ll never have to light candles again.” “It’s not like it just takes a few seconds, I mean we’re talking about two minutes here!” Every Anders Person Ever About the Thing They Love To Do The Most (Usually) And How Long It Takes Them To Do It and Why That Means That Time Is Not A Problem For Them and What Ugh- No One Understands! The thing is that Christmas time is hard enough as it is; there are so many things to do. There’s shopping for presents, wrapping everything up in cute paper bags, cooking food for everyone on the 25th which will inevitably take

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