10 Hilarious Tweets About Truck Names

Trucks are big, powerful machines that we depend on to get our goods from one place to another. They’re also a great source of entertainment on the internet! If you need a good laugh today, check out these hilarious tweets about truck names:

1. @Industrial_Bikes: “I want a truck called ‘Kanye’ because I’m always late” #trucknames

I want a truck called ‘Kanye’ because I’m always late. #trucknames — Industrial Bikes (@Industrial_Bikes) May 13, 2019

“The most popular names for trucks are apparently what you would find on the side of a milk carton.” #lolz

– @GQMagazine pic.twitter.com/Ndg0LXcqVW — The One and Only TankTop Jones™ (@TankTopsJones) March 12, 2017

– “What do people name their trucks? Like to have some fun with it?” -@johnny__mills via Twitter: “My sister named her car Shaggy when she was in high school so we always called her Thelma.”

– “My truck’s name is ‘Nacho Libre,’ because I’m always a champion” #trucknames

What do people name their trucks? Like to have some fun with it? — johnny__mills via Twitter (@johnny__mills) August 18, 2012 My sister named her car Shaggy when she was in high school so we always called her Thelma. — Johnny Mills (@johnny_mills) May 13, 2019 My truck’s name is “Nacho Libre” because I’m always a champion 😂😋🥳🌽✊️ pic.twitter.com/SNNGw0FCin — Johnny Mills (@JohnnyMills) January 29, 2019

-My truck’s name is “Nacho Libre” because I’m always a champion 😂😋🥳🌽✊️ pic.twitter.com/SNNGw0FCin — Johnny Mills (@JohnnyMills) January 29, 2019

-I named my truck Snowflake because snowflakes are the most beautiful thing in our world to me and it has served me well these last 15 years 💫👍❄️ pic.twitter.com/XZqYMQIGkt — Johnny mills (@johnny_mills) April 27, 2019

-I named my truck “Blue Eyes” because he is the most beautiful, sweetest thing in this world and I love him more than anything else 💙🌈 pic.twitter.com/0CCpBvzSmt — Johnny Mills (@johnny_mills) April 24, 2019 -My truck’s name is “Johnny” because it needs to be one of us out there 😉😊👍 #selfishgrin pic.twitter.com/OtejXlWkSs — Johnny mills (@johnny_mills) June 18, 2018

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– “My truck is named after my favorite food. I call her Doritos.”

– “I live in a world where trucks are named for cereals and cartoons”

– “@MisterPinky22 My dad’s Ford F150 pickup truck was almost as big as the house..”

– “..and he also had an ice cream cone on his bumper, lolol!”

– “..he called it ‘Tiger’ because of its stripes.”

-“The new name has to be either something cool or have some connection with our family story,” says Sam.   He likes names like Optimus Prime, Jayne Cobb from Firefly, Nathan Drake from Uncharted – anything that sounds like we could roll up

– “Sam”

– “It’s a shame that truck names are so dull. I want to be called ‘Creamy Crunch.'” – @krispykaramelcheesecake

-“Taco Truck: A Taco is made with corn tortillas, meat or vegetables and salsa.” -@saysjennywalsh

-“The best name for my taco truck would probably be “Sriracha Sauce” because it attracts people like flies who love Sriracha sauce. #tacotrucknameideas” -@hopeholmes00

-“Lettuce Wedge: Lettuce Wedge is the perfect place if you’re looking for fresh salads!” -@QDmush

– “Lettuce wedge is the best place if you’re looking for fresh salads!” -@QDmush

-“No frills restaurant and grocery store named Lettuce Wedge.” -@robbiemccoy13

– “The No Frills Restaurant and Grocery Store Named Lettuce Wedge” by Robbi McCoy.

– “@wedontneedthatplumbing: I want a truck called ‘You Need That Plumbing'” @sophie_francesca”        ♥♡♥♤♦•✿°º¤ø„§¨â©Ȫá«™¢À †­î€Œ!

-“@wedontneedthatplumbing: I want a truck called ‘You need that plumbing'” by Sophie Francesca”  ♥♡♥♤♦•✿°º¤ø„§¨â©Ȫá«™¢À †­î€Œ!

– “No trucks. But what if it was just the truck’s name? Like, Meat Wagon or Vegetables and Salsa Truck.” – @saysjennywalsh

– The No Trucks. But What If It Was Just The Truck’s Name? Like, Meat Wagon Or Vegetables And Salsa Truck., Says Jenny Walsh Tweeted.

The best name for my truck would be the ‘I need a man’ truck. – @Phyllis_P

– “The Best Name For My Truck Would Be The ‘I Need A Man’ Truck.” Phyllis P Tweeted.

What’s your favorite name for trucks? Comment below! -@geoaltexperts

– Geo Altexpert Asked What Their Favorite Names Were For Trucks, And They Responded Below:

Truck Name Ideas: Meatwagon Vegetables and Salsa Wagon I Need A Man Food Express M&M Candy Store Haulin Junkie Big Tex Roofing Company Blacktop Diner Mariachi Tacos Yummers Cafe El Taco Grande Gorditas Del Cielo Hooker

Many truck owners allow their trucks to reflect themselves as an individual. They then choose names that are a reflection of who they are and what matters most in life, such as “Big Red,” “The Beast,” or even just the name of its owner’s wife (think Betty White). Truck art is another popular way many drivers personalize their vehicle with logos and images for companies like Pepsi or Budweiser. Others may have stickers from race teams or sponsorships on them, while some could even be old military vehicles from overseas wars. Whatever it reflects about you and your personality, we’re all unique so why not express yourself through the toy giving us freedom? Here are ten hilarious tweets about these personalized pieces of machinery:

The Beast is the best truck, it can do anything. It’s big and loud and has a lot of horsepower !! The beast got me to work on time every day for ten years !! #TRUCKNAME — . (@_scooterlouie) April 11, 2019

-Some people love their vehicles so much that they name them after themselves or other things close to their heart. Some drivers choose more humorous names like “Trouble” or “Mud Slut.” Others go with traditional ones such as Betty White (named by its owner), while others might be named after where they come from in Texas (“Big Red”)! A few creative individuals even give their old trucks new identities — some being given the name of their favorite superhero or even a new title on Netflix like “Firefly.”

-The inspiration for truck names can come from anywhere. Sometimes it’s because they’re all about rough terrain, and other times drivers might want to make sure everyone knows that their vehicle is truly one in a million! Truck owners either go with something witty, silly, or sarcastic — or some find an innately perfect fit between themselves and what they drive every day.

Conclusion: There are many different ways to give your gas guzzler its own unique identity. It doesn’t always have to be serious though; there are plenty of funny options as well such as “Trouble,” “Mud Slut,” or

– “I’m glad you like the name ‘Hauling Cojones’.”

– “My husband’s truck is called The Humble Lumberjack. Guess who gets to change it.”

-“The newest family member of our fleet is a yellow Peterbilt 184, so we named him Burt Reynolds”

-“Naming my Ford F250 XLT: Betty White or Marge Simpson?”

– “You don’t need that fancy paint job for your big rig trailer if you’re just hauling buckets and spools around”

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