10 Can’t Miss Netflix Shows on Southern Boy Names

by Radhe

Southern names are a dime-a-dozen. But when it comes to television, there have been an unusual number of shows that use them as their title. Whether you’re from the south or not, these 10 Netflix Shows on Southern Boy Names will surely entertain!

Stranger Things (named after the fictional character)

Breaking Bad (named for its protagonist Walter White)


13 Reasons Why

Friday Night Lights

Orange is the New Black

Supernatural -Longmire, a crime drama set in Wyoming. The leading character Sheriff Walt Longmire is named after one of his father’s friends, who was also sheriff of Absaroka County and died by suicide when he was 45 years old. His first name comes from another friend’s son with Down syndrome; his last name is shared with an author whose books have been read as required reading at Wind River High School where Walt attended school himself. In 2017 Netflix announced that they would be remaking the series, and there are now six seasons on Netflix.

Friday Night Lights (named for its setting)

Stranger Things (named after the fictional character). Breaking Bad (named for its protagonist Walter White)


13 Reasons Why, a series based on Jay Asher’s 2007 novel of the same name about a teenage girl who commits suicide with thirteen cassette tapes detailing why her life ended as it did; Orange is The New Black, an American comedy-drama television series created by Jenji Kohan; Supernatural – Longmire, a crime drama set in Wyoming starring Robert Taylor that was remade into an hour long show by Netflix Entetainment and Warner Brothers Television. It premiered on October 20, 2012.

Twin Peaks a series created for television by David Lynch and Mark Frost;

Gotham (named after its protagonist Bruce Wayne) – The Big Bang Theory

And the list goes on! Some of these are newer shows that have been added to Netflix’s roster since last year. Others are reruns from other networks but still stand out among their peers as being especially Southern in theme or setting. You can find them all with just one click right now if you’re ready to get started watching your way through some of the best TV has to offer today. To make it even easier for you we’ve compiled this handy little index below: · Friday Night Lights · Stranger Things · Atlanta ·

“The only nine shows we found that matched this criteria were:

Friday Night Lights (a show about a football team in Texas)

Major Crimes (the spinoff of the original series, “The Closer” which is set in Los Angeles and focuses on crimes committed by marines.)

The Bridge (set between El Paso, TX and Juarez, Mexico)

“Gilmore Girls” – “Friday Night Lights,” “Major Crimes,” “The Bridge.” All three are TV shows. We also added Gilmore Girls because it’s not a TV SHOW but they named their daughter after one of our favorite Southern boys – Rory Gilmore! This would be your first clue to start watching!”

Stranger Things (set in Hawkins, Indiana)

“Nashville” – “Stranger Things,” “Nashville.” The iconic show about life and love in the Nashville music scene. This is a definite must watch for any country fans out there!”

Atlanta (which takes place in metropolitan Atlanta). · “Atlanta” was created by Donald Glover who also stars on the series as Earnest Thomas or “Earn” which happens to be another name we found that shares this Southern boy theme!

The following shows are not named after Southern boys but they do take place in areas of the south: True Blood, Friday Night Lights, Downton Abbey”..and so on.

“The following shows are not named after Southern boys but they do take place in areas of the south: True Blood, Friday Night Lights, Downton Abbey.”..and so on.

“True Blood” is a vampire fantasy horror series that takes place in Louisiana · In this show you’ll find Lafayette Reynolds (Lafayette) and Tara Thornton (Tara). · You might also recognize these actors as Sam Trammell who played well intentioned Sheriff Bud Dearborne from season one to three of HBO’s critically acclaimed drama “Friday Night Light,” or Rutger Hauer – his most famous role was Blade Runner Roy Batty. · Lastly, we couldn’t forget Lady Mary Crawley (Lady Mary) from “Downton Abbey.”

What is the show set in Georgia? · Well, you’ve probably heard of it! It’s called The Walking Dead. · Lennie James plays Morgan Jones in this series and he has been on many other popular shows like Doctor Who, Jericho, Misfits – not to mention his acting roles such as Jodie Dallas in Kidulthood (2006) or Dr. John Luther Adams in Planet Earth II (2016).

“The Walking Dead” takes place during a zombie apocalypse which portrays how people would react when civilization collapses around them and their loved ones are killed by zombies. · This dark drama often feels like an antithesis to “Parks and Recreation,” which is a show about the functioning (and sometimes dysfunctional) workings of municipal government.

The Walking Dead: Season One, Volume Two · This set has six discs with thirteen episodes on each disc; it also includes audio commentary from cast members and crew as well as other bonus features like deleted scenes or blooper reels. · Each season will last for 13 hours in total before concluding during its eighth episode, but if you’re not sure whether your favorite actor or actress will be killed off by the time they’ve reached their character’s final episode, then this isn’t for you!

s Blade Runner Roy Batty. · Lastly, we couldn’t forget Lady Mary Crawley—aka beloved Dowager Countess of Grantham (one of the few characters who can hold their own against fiery, opinionated Margaret). · This British series follows the upstairs-downstairs affairs at Downton Abbey: from Lady Mary’s secret romance with a Turkish diplomat to Cousin Sybil’s gender transformation.

The Good Place Afterlife Program Guidebook: Season One Episodes One To Four. · Fans will also love that this set includes all 13 episodes spanning across four discs, as well as bonus features like commentary and behind-the-scenes interviews for season one on DVD in HD. · Each episode is roughly 22 minutes long so it doesn’t take much time out of your day to watch a few episodes and get caught up on the afterlife.

Crazy Ex Girlfriend: Season Two. · As we’ve seen, Rebecca’s actions have consequences – some good and some bad for those around her – which is what makes this show so addictive and hard to stop watching! · The second season has had its ups and downs but it still manages to be funny in that quirky way of theirs from time to time while also bringing out all sorts of emotions as well.

Rating & Age Restrictions: MacGyver (1985) TV-PG; Sabrina the Teenage Witch (1996) PG; Ryan Gosling North by Northwest (1959) not rated; Jared Leto Dallas Buyers Club (2013) R; Corey Feldman The Goonies (1985) PG – Sabrina the Teenage Witch: Season One. · I can’t really say for sure what’s up with this new take on our favorite witch but it has its moments, and there is a lot of potential here that could be tapped into in future seasons if they so choose to do that. · There are some good laughs as well as drama – very much like the original series was which makes me happy because we all need something familiar from time to time! · If you’re looking for an easy show while still being able to enjoy it then give these episodes a try. It won’t take long at all before you’ll know

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