10 21 zodiac

by editor k

I believe that the day we wake up to a new day is the only day we truly “wake up.” With every sunrise and sunset, when we truly reflect on our lives, we see the face of our soul. The energy that fills our hearts and souls is what we should strive for.

I wish to thank all the people who have contributed to this blog over the years. I have learned so much from you. It’s been a privilege to be part of the “zodiac community”, to be a part of the collective intelligence that allows us to see the face of our soul.

Like I said, there are many angles to everything. I’m not going to say that everything has been covered, but you can find the list of all the things that have been covered here. But there’s one thing that I want to draw your attention to, and that is just why there are zodiac signs. Our souls are the only part of ourselves that we fully control. The rest of us are like the leaves in a tree.

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